Bad Buffer Songs

Hey all –

So I was browsing, because I’m very cultured and intellectual, and I came across an interesting article:

New York Times Op-Ed – Swan Songs?

The author, Charles Blow, says that basically since 1999, which was the peak of the recorded music industry’s glory, when people liked one song that an artist released, they had to buy the whole album in order to have it. This way, artists could have one or two hits, then fill the rest of the album with crap/filler songs that no one was going to listen to anyway. (Honestly, did people really buy Amy Winehouse’s record, put it on, and wait half an hour before “Rehab” came on? No.)

But now, with various websites that stream music, or iTunes, which allows consumers to buy one song at a time, the use of filler songs in albums is coming to an end. It’s almost a waste of money for record labels to produce entire albums from one-hit wonder artists, because no one is going to buy the CD. They go straight to iTunes, spend their ¢99, and get that one song that everyone’s listening to. Maybe they’ll even spend $2.99 on the ringtone. But they won’t throw down $15 on the CD of one song they’ll listen to and eleven other songs they skip to get to that song.

I don’t think that even the Mighty Internet could change the music industry so much that the one-hit wonder artist will cease to exist. But maybe it will mean that those artists will make a little less money. Maybe they’ll only be able to afford one Lamborghini when they wanted three.

– Jas


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