Charlie Haden Cartoon

I have been really busy on the road with Charlie and Quartet West and have not had time to update the blog with my travels as I hoped.  The tour has been great so far with amazing concerts in Spain with Diego Amador and his flamenco band, and now concerts with Quartet West in Spain, Norway, Netherlands with the Metropole Orkestra, and tonight QW is playing at the Grenoble Jazz Fest in France.  

We will be traveling to Istanbul in a couple of days and recently an artist by the name of Atilla Atala, a Turkish cartoonist, created a drawing of Charlie.  Below is the drawing of Charlie.  You can check out more drawings and cartoons on the website where it was found at Toon Pool.

Charlie Haden by Atilla Atala

Check back soon for more posts about the trip.  Hopefully I will have some time at airports or after concerts in the next couple of days to post some more photos of whats been going on in Europe. 



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