Spain with Diego Amador and Charlie Haden

The first half of the five week tour with Charlie was in Spain.  We spent most of the time in Sevilla, but also traveled to Malaga and Granada for one concert in each of the three cities.  Sevilla was really our home from March 6 to March 22.  I got to know the city, the flamenco musicians with Diego, and got to spend some quality time with Charlie.  

Sevilla is a beautiful city and has a healthy combination of traditional Andalusian culture and modern European attitude.  El Real Alcazar is an incredible display of Spanish wealth and Moorish architecture in the center of Sevilla, but when I spent part of an afternoon there with Charlie, he put it best when he said, “Man, it’s all opulence.  I can’t get excited about something like this.  It’s just all greed, wealth, and slavery.  Everyone else was suffering and they were in this palace.”  Charlie always has the interests of the people in his mind, it’s evident in everything he does.

Here are some of the photos I took around Sevilla, rehearsal and sound check for the Sevilla concert.


One response to “Spain with Diego Amador and Charlie Haden

  1. I can only partially agree with Charlie, there, in the sense that what happened after the Arabs were kicked out of Spain got far worse as far as exploitation, oppression and, yes, ethnic cleansing go.

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