Granada and the Jam Session

Granada was the location for the last flamenco concert of the tour.  It was a sad goodbye, but a great finish to the concerts and time with Diego Amador, his family, and his band.  Diego’s brother, Raimundo Amador, joined the concert for a couple of songs and played guitar.  He is a well-known flamenco and pop guitarist in Spain.  Rubem Dantas also sat in on the encore and played cajon with the band.  

After the concert we went to an incredible restaurant in the center of Granada called Taberna de Baco.  The food was gourmet tapas and the band and I spent a couple of hours there before heading over to a club for a jam session.  I had the pleasure of playing electric bass with Diego Amador on piano, Raimundo Amador on guitar, Diego Amador Jr. on cajon, Israel Varela on drums, and another guitarist from Granada whos name I did not get.  Again, Raimundo was received extremely well and it was a great experience for me to play flamenco music with such an incredible group of musicians in their home country.  I hope to be able to do it again someday. 

I didn’t have much time in Granada, less than 24 hours, so not many photos were taken.  Here is one of a parade during preparation for Semana Santa and one of a man in the street.

Children with Fire - Semana Santa

Man in Street - Granada


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