Malaga in a Day

I only got to spend 24 hours in Malaga, but the hotel was right on the coast so when I woke up early before sound check that night, I got to spend some time on the beach.  The Mediterranean Sea is cold this time of your, but it was the first day of Spring according to the production manager for the flamenco shows, Ivan Pivotti.  

The show in Malaga was the second of the three shows with Diego Amador and the music started to take a new shape the second night.  It was the same set all three nights, but each night the comfort between the flamenco musicians and Charlie grew and the music became more alive with a unique character and sound that only traditionally trained flamenco musicians plus the one-of-a-kind Charlie Haden could create.  

During the drive between Sevilla and Malaga.

Fisherman in Malaga

Mediterranean Sea at Malaga

With Israel Varela (drums) and Julian Heredia (electric bass and palmas)


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