Charlie Haden and Keith Jarrett – Jasmine

Now that the information is public, and the album is already on sale at Germany, I can write about the duo record that Charlie and Keith Jarrett recorded while they were shooting Keith’s portion of the documentary about Charlie, called “Rambling Boy” by Reto Caduff.  

“Jasmine” is the result of an afternoon that Charlie and Keith spent together at Keith’s home.  They recorded many more tracks than appear on the album, which consists of eight songs, but according to Charlie and Keith, there was no more perfect order and tune list for the album, “Jasmine”, than they chose to have released.  This album is particularly historic, not only because it is their first duo recording together, but it is also the first time they have played together in 33 years.  

“Jasmine” is being released on May 7, 2010, in Europe, and May, 25, 2010, in the US, according to the Amazon listing, here -> Jasmine on Amazon

Jasmine (Cover Art found on


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