WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU??? Cal’s Bar, Little League and beyond

This Post Courtesy Of Adam Schatz:

SO, after a 16 hour or so extended drive Father Figures descended on Chicagoland. We’ve been staying with my grandparents and aunt in Wrigleyville, and we’ve been beyond taken care of, with great food and actual beds to sleep on. Our days have been filled with parks and little league baseball games (see the photo below, the three inning romper ended in a tie, 12-12), and we’ve had two shows so far, both really different. Night one was at Ball Hall, a DIY loft in the ballroom on the top floor of a 4 story apartment building. A bunch of great folks lived there and we played with great bands such as locals Animal City and Heat Death, and Campfires from Michigan. Jake who booked the show also opened the show with a cover of one of my favorite Silver Jews songs, and the room stayed full the whole night. No two bands sounded alike, and it felt great to be in an environment where a packed, sweaty crowd would be dancing to a rock band and then stay equally energized for our music, which we are still struggling to categorize but I’m going to keep yelling as zombie jazz. Whatever it is, people really liked it, moved around and shouted and responded and it was the perfect first show on our tour that’s really all about bringing this music to places it has never been before.

Which brings us to night two, at Cal’s Bar. It was the last show we booked, in a room we knew the least about, with a very amusing website . The Ball Hall audience was one of curiosity, where people show up there whenever there’s a show and they knew they may hear something they’ve never heard before. The Cal’s audience seemed to be one of routine, a room full of regulars who like the beer and the musk, and are used to the regional rock bands that roll through night after night. That made the show a bit less of an inclusive experience between us and a willing audience, but it was a great challenge to try and bowl people over who weren’t used to saxophones within a 50 foot radius of their person. A few moved towards the back of the room once we launched into Doomed To Fail (copyright Spencer Zahn and Zahn Industries), but most of the folks got into it and it ended up being a really fun set. Check back in later today for video from the show. The bartender was hilarious and told he wanted to divorce his wife and travel playing the upright bass. He also predicted our band would get into physical altercations, break up, then reluctantly reunite of the course of this tour. But that was more due to him seeing the close quarters of our minivan travel ship than our music.

Our show tonight has moved venues due to the original location of The Cave being shut down a few nights ago, so we’ll be at the Impala Gallery with Tony Barba’s Face Time. It will be awesome, and though we are sitting pretty in Chicago with great food and beds and family, I’m definitely excited to get driving again. Pray to your respective deities for a healthy van, pseudo-healthy van eating, and fantastic audiences. We’re off to a great start.


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