Religious Robot is our Biggest Fan! Seattle.

On our final day in Seattle we’ve seen the sights (cargo kilts, a bunch of crazies, and three of us “Inception”), witnessed remarkably good weather (so we’re told by everyone), and been graciously welcomed to the music scene by Figeater.  We’re getting ahead of ourselves, however, so let’s start on a 16 hour drive through four enormous states from Colorado to Oregon.
Our car is covered in dead bugs, and after too much late night driving to Pendleton, OR, Spencer and I checked in to a motel only to realize our room keys didn’t work, right after we lied to the late night clerk about two people staying in our room (instead of… five).  No biggie though, and as far as I know everyone slept wonderfully, although we couldn’t find enough plugins to charge ipods, phones, etc.  Next morning we ate at the Main St. Diner.  Pendleton was pretty much Anytown, USA: Spencer asked the waitress if the hardware store across the street had a reading light, and she didn’t seem to know.  She then turned to the hardware store owner who was seated in the booth directly behind us and asked him.  Those fresh blueberries made us wanna stay forever.

Then there was some morning driving, and five hours later (which felt like nothing compared to the 17 the day before) we reached Seattle.  The Cal Anderson park show was outside on a cloudless day, well attended, and we played after Wayne Horvitz, personal hero of mine.  It was just friggin beautiful, look for yourself.So that show was a whopping success, plus we reunited with an old friend, saw the most interesting person on the planet (he had a lizard for a pet!), and sold some records.  The next night also turned out to be an absolute joy, playing after an amazing set by local band Figeater.  Clearly Figeater sensed our fear about losing money as they were extremely generous when it came to accepting no money for themselves, and just being incredible people and musicians.  And tonight there’s one more show, at the Ballard Mine with Spillway and Weightless, which I’m sure will be another exciting, ridiculous, absurd mix of anxiety and fun.  We’ll leave you with this advice: wherever you are make sure you have some device to make sure you’re not dreaming, or when you’re watching ‘Inception’ imagine French Stewart in Leo DiCaprio’s role, or maybe don’t try to change the people that you love?  Well whatever, you should just take a leap of faith and come see Father Figures.

– Ross


3 responses to “Religious Robot is our Biggest Fan! Seattle.

  1. You guys saw some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Sounds like you’re having a blast.

  2. Go see Father Figures…or you will die old and lonely, full of regret….

  3. i wuv fader figures.

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