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Where to begin. It’s been oodles of time since our last post, mostly because we’ve been having a blast and limited internet access and slightly because we were all waiting for the other person to write a blog post. But here goes.

Rather than be chronological, I’m going to first just address the heart of this entire tour, the ticker that keeps everything and everyone going and going: the people we stay with. The generosity, kindness and humor of everyone we’ve stayed with has colored this month into being so much more than a bounce from motel to venue. We’ve been fed and put to bed and given drinks and refused efforts to clean up, and frankly I’m living and eating better than I did at home. So a MONSTER thanks to everyone who has provided that, especially Mary and Cat in Novato, CA (40 minutes north of Oakland). Their mountain home was amazing, and their hospitality was amazing-er. We didn’t really write about Novato / Oakland, but it was a blast and a half. We’ve got a few photos from the Norcal beaches in the slideshow below

San Diego happened and was awesome, the beaches there were equally supreme and we ate Don Carlos for lunch and breakfast, amazing west coast burritos that you hear snobs talk about and don’t believe until it’s happening in your mouth. We played with Snuffaluffagus, who are great dudes and worth checking out, at the Tin Can Alehouse, a really great space run booked by a great girl named Kelsey. Add her to the list of people we’ll be working with again. Ben Lear made the drive to play as well so it was great to hang out with him and Ian Davis (from the Reallyatives) more in Cali-for-ni-a.

Driving Driving Driving Driving

Phoenix, Arizona is supposed to be dry heat. But it was not. 106 degrees in monsoon season means very bad feelings. It’s about this point that the AC in the minivan has begun to malfunction, or, function less. and less. and less. So we went to Phoenix, and the space was really sweet, the Trunk Space, run by a really awesome dude named JRC, and a really awesome cat, who slept on top of cars. Which was great for Ross, who’s allergic to cats, and continues to be allergic when there is a cat at 90% of the places we stay at and 15% of the places we play. But maybe by the end of the tour he’ll be immune. Back on track, the room didn’t have air conditioning so it was a pretty sticky Arizona experience overall. We hauled ass as soon as our show there was done, because we were on a mission to not drive again in the desert heat. Our destination was Albuquerque, 7 hours away, and we left at midnight. Going on little sleep, a little soda and the power of driving into the sunrise, we broke the 200,000 mile mark on the minivan and make it to Albuquerque in one piece. Ross’ parents were waiting for us at his childhood home, and thus began two days of being very very well fed and very very well rested. A+++ goes to Ross’ mother who took two days off work to cook amazing food and be generally awesome. We also finally watched the Mad Men premiere. SPOILER: they wore suits and drank and talked about advertising. Somehow it is still the best show ever.

Both shows in Albuquerque were awesome, the first was a rock show at a great DIY space in an old church called Wunderkind. We played with our friend Ana and her band Aegis Watson and Brodie Johnson, a cello wizard who sang really beautiful, slow songs.

Night two was at the Outpost, the top spot for new improvised and jazz music in Albuquerque. So many of our mentors and heroes have played there, so it was so great to play on that stage, which was really great sound, in a room that was packed to the walls with people from Ross’ life. At least 100 folks, and they were truly getting down with the music, which was a great feeling. We also sold a bunch of records, and have 10 left to get ¬†through the last 4 shows of the tour. It will feel great to sell out, even if we only brought 80 albums to begin with.

Fastforward to Austin for two more shows. Add Jas’ cousin Kristin, her husband Andrew and their daughter Nella to the list of champions who have taken care of us. Both shows were cool, but neither had spectacular attendance. Night two was at Club 1808 in East Austin, and we played with Jonathan Horne and his band Plutonium Farmers. Austin really doesn’t have much of a scene for the super-weird, but this dude brings it like no other. Hopefully they’ll come to New York and we can play together more, but they made the night count for us.

Now we be in Denton, Texas. It is so very very hot. The bookstore rules though, so I stocked up on graphic novels and some VHS souvenirs and we’re waiting in an air conditioned restaurant before we can mosey over to Andy’s Bar to setup and play for whoever stays in Denton once North Texas gets out for the summer. We’re going a bit crazy in the heat but we’ll make it back in one piece. Our homecoming show is August 8th at Coco 66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Come reunite!


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